Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stuff to Give

Hey all!

As per my email, here is the stuff that Shannon and I have in our house that we're looking to clear out in the next couple months to make room for our new addition. If you see anything you like, just claim it in the Comments section or email me back and we can arrange pickup/delivery.

There are a few items (like the drafting table) that we will look to store if not claimed. The rest will be donated to ARC.

And now, let us begin the free auction with...
Item Number One: Hand-made drafting table

Dimensions: 38" x 37" x (adjustable)

Dad made this for Amy years ago, so I'd say the Moore's have first dibs. :) Perfect for artists or engineers (assuming any of them work on paper any more. Adjustable hight and angle. Comes apart for ease of moving and storage.

Item Number Two: Double Size Mattress and Boxspring
No picture available. It's a typical double mattress and boxspring. No frame. It got several years of use but has been in the spare bedroom, unused, since before we were married.

Item Number Three: Desk

Dimensions: 36" x 20" x 30"

This is one of the desks we had at Mom and Dad's growing up. Still in fine condition.

Item Number Four: Entertainment Center

Dimensions: 41" x 14" x 26"

From the Target Pressboard collection, circa early 1990's. Looks fine. Probably not for anyone's living room, but might serve a purpose somewhere.

Items Number 5: Coffee Table/End Table Set, early 1960's, lots of family history GONE

Dimension: (Coffee table) 44" x 18" x 14.5"; (end table) 28" x 18" x 21"

You all remember these. Perfect height for bruising shins. Coffee table has one weak leg. End table is fine. Both have some scuffs and chips, but again, great for a college pad someday.

Item Number Six: Cool 1950's Telephone Chair

Dimensions: 31" x 19" x 29"

NOTE: Damaged item. The metal table thing has come detached and might need to be welded back on. Still, it's super cool. I bought it antiquing years ago, and now don't really have a place for it. But it was great for my entryway back in the day.

Item Numbers Seven, Eight and Nine: Media Storage

Dimensions: (video storage) 29" x 8" x 46" and 23" x 8" x 48"; (CD storage, not pictured but same design) 28" x 8" x 36"

Utilitarian storage for videotapes, DVDs and CDs. Nothing fancy, but all in good, solid condition.

Item Numbers Ten and Eleven: 2-drawer Metal File Cabinets

Dimensions: 18" x 15" x 25"

Not pictured: Also available in powder blue. Both in good shape. Get your files organized!

Item Number Twelve: End Table

Dimensions: 26" x 18" x 21"

Nothing fancy, but very sturdy and in good shape.

And last but not least...
Item Thirteen: Art

Dimensions: 34" square

We bought this from Bombay Co. at a going out of business sale, then decided we didn't like it. Actually a nice piece, very nicely framed. Each square is raised above the black background. Large enough to hang over a couch or fireplace.

And that's it for now! Le t us know if you want anything or have any questions.